Twiddle Frendsgiving Weekend Pins

Twiddle’s Frendsgiving week is here and we thrilled to offer 25 sets of the incredible John Shook, Coda Davidson and Victor Guarneri collaboration: White Light Farms Peas & Carrots Frendsgiving weekend event pins. LE’s are as follows – White 250 (for sale at The Capitol Theatre this weekend to help provide for those in need through Caritas of Port Chester), Orange 125 (with the balance going to the first 100 Frends who bring $10 in non-perishable food items to the Cap) and Green 175 (with the balance earmarked for the VIP event). The price of the set is $45. Thank you for your support. Love (Frendsgiving) Relentlessly.

Purple Ribbon Frankie: To Benefit Local Opioid Crisis Service Organizations

Frends, The last two years during December we have given grants to charities important to and nominated by you. We hope you will help us again, but this year, in partnership with Twiddle, we are going to do something a bit different and support a specific cause.

Like so many communities, the opioid crisis directly impacts our Frends and family far too often. While we have been fortunate to meet many Frends who are in recovery and share with us their stories of being Lost in the Cold. We have also been touched by the loss of too many.

Recently Ryan Dempsey challenged us to shine our light and make an impact on the epidemic. We are honored to take him up on it and introduce you to our first cause based White Light Frankie.

We hope the purple heart-ribbon will serve as a beacon within our community, expressing our collective support to those who have suffered, are suffering or help us honor those we miss.

The White Light Foundation will match the sales of this open edition Frankie up to $5,000 so your purchase will be worth twice as much to our partner charities.

Who will we be supporting? Well, we are hoping you will help us by nominating a local non-profit crisis centers (IRS §501(c)(3) organization) dedicated to helping us through this epidemic. We will share the money raised across the nominated charities during our month of giving. Please nominate an organization important to you by replying to this message.