February’s Giving Tour

One year ago thanks to Twiddle, we were embarking on our first Giving Tour. Buoyed by $1 per ticket and boxes of Frankenfoote coloring books we set out to support afterschool programs in every city Twiddle’s winter tour took them. We thought we were doing good. And we were. But we weren’t doing enough.

As Covid-19 started to suffocate the live music industry we did fundraisers and donated thousands of dollars to help artists and crew members. We thought we were doing good. And we were. But we weren’t doing enough.

We hosted White Light Wednesday’s and with the help of amazing performers, sponsors and Frends donated approximately $30,000 to food pantries in states hit hard by Covid-19. We thought we were doing good. And we were. But we weren’t doing enough.

When George Floyd was murdered was knew weren’t doing enough. But, we also didn’t know what to do.

These past months have been an incredible journey for WLF and we are grateful to the many Frends who helped us along the way. First, for helping us understand the impacts of systemic racism and then to drive our giving.

We struggled. How do we best acknowledge our own ignorance and understand the root causes of systemic racism? How do we balance the urgency of the moment and stay true to our mission?

But, if 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that on the subjects of criminal and health justice, we have a long way to go to eliminate racial inequity.

Through conversations with the band and Frends it also became clear, whatever we do, we need to be able to sustain it.

Last year, due to Covid-19, a number of Twiddle concerts were cancelled – many of which, would have led to direct donations to local charities. Also, last December would have been our Month of Giving. This got us thinking. What if we combined the two in honor of Black History Month?

While February is an opportunity to pay respect to the many contributions of African Americans, it is also a chance for us to raise awareness for some incredible organizations who are providing direct aide to individuals while dismantling the constructs of systemic racism through their work.

So, during February’s Giving Tour we will be supporting organizations on the frontline of ending food apartheid and eliminating cash bail and the school to prison pipeline.

Thanks to Twiddle and all of you, we are guaranteeing each organization a $1,000 grant. Additionally, 100% of all direct donations received through this campaign will be added to total amount and shared by the selected charities.

Like we did last winter, we will be sharing information about the organizations throughout this month along with details about the causes.

Love Relentlessly.