Month of Giving Update!

We are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received for our first cause based White Light Frankie – a purple ribbon to support opioid crisis organizations. On behalf of Twiddle, we are thrilled to announce the following charities devoted to the opioid crisis will be receiving $500 each. 

Project Safe Point (Collin Rich), Turning Point of Franklin County (Rachel Grenier, Karen Greiner), AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin – ARCW (Ryan Potter), Healing Springs Recovery Community & Outreach Center (Emmalee Kate), Elizabeth House (Aubrie Graves), Save the Michaels of the World (Kat Horton, David Burdzy), NKY Hates Heroin (Lucas Miranda), Warp Corps (Rob Mutert), Turning Point Center of Chittenden County (Wendy Higgins), New Choices Recovery Center (Rachel Ferrer), Smile Anyway (Bernadette Marie), First Step Home (Carrie Ward Shore). The Herren Project (Khey Carlie), Wellspring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (@deidre ann), Rebel Recovery FL (John Kane), Team Sharing, Inc (@mary peckham), Cody’s Fresh Start Charity Works (Katie Bovard and Frends), Turning Point Center of Bennington County (Kim Clark). Glenbeigh (Nick Haskin), Howard Center, JFT Recovery & Veterans Support Services (Brandon Lillie), TriCircle Inc. (@christin gagnon)