Winter Tour 2022 Support

For the winter tour shows in Worcester, Portland and Albany we were honored to donate the Twiddle $1 per ticket program to organizations that support victims of domestic violence.

In Worcester we donated $2000 to Abby’s House whose mission is to provide shelter and affordable housing, as well as advocacy and support services, to homeless, battered and low-income women, with our without children.

In Portland we donated $1500 to the Family Violence Project who are a not-for-profit domestic violence resource center serving several counties in Maine.

Finally, for the Palace Theater we donated $1500 to Equinox, Albany County’s primary provider of services for victims of domestic violence. We are proud to help all of these organizations that are doing amazing work helping those in need everyday.

Love Relentlessly ??

Twiddle Frendsgiving 2021

We are proud to announce the Frendsgiving Food Drive was an incredible success! In addition to the food collected, with the Twiddle $1 per ticket program we have donated an additional $4,000 to Meals on Main Street by Caritas! Thank you frends, family, and our tender WLF volunteers so much for your support. We are still glowing!

Read the note from Bill Cusano, Meals on Main Street by Caritas executive director, “Thank you so much for the food drive. We received 1560 pounds of food. Here is a photo of some of it sorted and stocked for distribution. We will use it to pack bags of groceries, produce and meals for families throughout Port Chester. Thanks for making the season joyful for so many.”

Love Relentlessly ??

Twiddle Fall Tour Supporting Suicide Prevention Organizations Success!!

For Twiddle Fall 2021 Tour we supported some amazing organizations involved with suicide prevention from the $1 per ticket program and your donations.

We are proud to support organizations who are helping prevent suicide in the places Twiddle is playing. Love Relentlessly ??

Grand Rapids – I Understand Love Heals
Chicago – Elyssa’s Mission
Minneapolis – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Madison – Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County WI
St Louis – KUTO (Kids Under Twenty One)
Kansas City – Kansas City Suicide Awareness Prevention
Santa Fe – The Sky Center
Denver – Second Wind Fund
Aspen – Aspen Hope Center
Salt Lake City – Hope4Utah (Hope Squad)
Bozeman – Help Center
Seattle – Crisis Connections
Portland – Lines for Life
Bellingham- Crisis Connections
Eugene – A World Free of Suicide
Santa Cruz – Family Service Agency of the Central Coast
Solana Beach – Community Health Improvement Partners
Los Angeles – Didi Hirsh
Phoneix – Arizona Suicide Prevention

Labor Day Weekend Fan Selected Charities

We are so excited to announce our fan nominated nonprofits, who will receive grants from Twiddle‘s Labor Day weekend shows! $1 of every Twiddle ticket sold benefits the White Light Foundation which allows to support incredible organizations on each tour stop. All of the fan suggestions and ideas were incredible and we look forward to your help for future tour dates, so Thank YOU!!

Missy Stolfi and Mark Gee nominated American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Rochester, NY

Wayne Terpstra Jr nominated the Center for Recovery in Queensbury, NY (Lake George)

Jacquie Cecala Carrafiello nominated Project Self Sufficiency in Newtown NJ (Stanhope)

Each one of these amazing organizations will receive $1000 on behalf of the White Light Foundation and all of your support!! Keep staying positive, share your light with others! Love Relentlessly ??

Help Us Select Labor Day Weekend Charities

We are looking for your help and suggestions for nonprofits to support at the Twiddle shows this week. If you know of any kick-ass charities in Rochester, Lake George region, or Stanhope NJ, please drop us a link on Facebook !

Please keep in mind, they must be a 501c3 (public charity) but can be any category of nonprofit (ie: dog rescue, domestic violence, afterschool program, etc).

We will review the submissions and announce the recipients after this weekend! We appreciate your help and as always, Love Relentlessly ??

Supporting the Boys & Girls Club in June

We are excited to announce our latest grant recipients from the Twiddle shows in June! Five different Boys & Girls Clubs in OH, TN, PA, VA, & NC received $1000 each. The White Light Foundation is proud to invest in the future of our children and Boys and Girls Clubs help kids stay healthy, offer academic support and teach our kids to make positive personal decisions!!

Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati
Boys & Girls Club of Tennessee Valley
Boys & Girls Club of Western Penn
Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia
Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County
We look forward to our next tour and next round of donations to future worthy nonprofits. Thank you all for the support!! See you soon.

Love Relentlessly ??

WLF Spotlight: Sara & James

We are thrilled to share our first ever WLF Volunteer Spotlight!!! In honor of Twiddle’s “Double Down” this August, we wanted to start with a special double dose look at two incredibly selfless and special volunteers Sara Egan & James Yeager ?? Read about Sara and James below!

James Yeager, 25 from NJ. I first heard of twiddle my sophomore year of high school in 2012 and was instantly hooked. My first show was in 2013 at the Catskill Chill Music Festival, and from there I went to see every Twiddle show possible. The energy, people and music had me totally entranced.

After seeing them 30+ times, I was looking to see how I could participate more in this amazing community and was hoping to be able to give back some of the joy Twiddle gives me. Being such an active fan, I had heard of the WLF when it was first formed but it took me over a handful of times asking to help out before I was given the chance. Tumbledown 2018 was my first opportunity to be a WLF volunteer, which was a beyond amazing experience.

Seeing my favorite band, being a part of my favorite community and being able to give back was truly a dream come true ! It’s been almost 3yrs since I’ve started to volunteer and I’ve seen nearly 70 shows and I cannot get enough of being behind that table each time. Making connections, giving back and loving relentlessly is what the WLF is all about.

The charities I look to focus on revolve around environmental issues and sustainability. Our Mother Earth is the greatest asset of them all and we need to be doing our best to keep it safe and healthy, much like ourselves.

“In any situation, mistakes are often made when you put yourself in front of someone that can benefit” -Earth Mama

Sara Egan, 33, first saw Twiddle in 2007, but it was their Earth Day show in New Hampshire in 2008 when the hook went in deep. Since then she has continued to contribute to our ever growing community by participating in Luvaduck clean ups after shows, fundraisers for White Light Foundation, and officially coming on board with WLF at the 2019 Tumble Down. Sara continues to lead by example, for her two Twidkids (Juniper & Jayden) and the rest of the Twiddle community.

“So many good things come to those who love relentlessly” -Twiddle