Steve Perlah Resignation

To the White Light Foundation and Twiddle community, Today we want to communicate with you that Steve Perlah has resigned from the White Light Foundation. Steve has been the President of the foundation since its inception six years ago and we honor all he has done for the foundation. Steve poured his heart and soul into the vision from day one, and he truly willed the foundation into something bigger than all of us. As the foundation grew, Steve fostered incredible partnerships with many amazing organizations that joined WLF to help make a difference. We will always be grateful to Steve and his family for their efforts to make the foundation run smoothly and grow. We wish Steve the best moving forward.

As Steve leaves the foundation the board of directors are working diligently to move the foundation forward with Twiddle and continue the good work. As things get back to normal and we start having concerts, Twiddle will continue to support the foundation by giving $1 of every headlining show ticket to the foundation. White Light Foundation will donate that money to charities where Twiddle plays and help to spread the positive message from the band and our community. We look forward to seeing all of you soon and restarting that process.

As we look back over the past 6 years, our collective commitment to doing good has manifested in dynamic ways. We have donated to countless non-profit organizations around the country, supporting causes near and dear to the Twiddle family. WLF has awarded grants to Children’s Hospitals, Addiction Treatment Centers, Animal Shelters, Food Pantries, BLM causes and countless other 501c3 groups that also “love relentlessly”. Our recurring scholarships at Castleton University that benefit students in financial need, passionate about music, and individuals dedicated to community service, is something the band members are particularly proud of.

While the foundation is blazing forward without Steve as President, his sacrifice, leadership, and passion for doing good will forever be woven into the White Light Foundation’s core. Thank you Steve!

Love Relentlessly,

The White Light Foundation Board of Directors

Kevin Rondeau
Dave Bouchard
Charlie Connor
Edmund Edwards
Katie Irwin
Greg Knight