Interview with Nashville Community Bail Fund

As we prepare to make our final Month of Giving announcements, with Twiddle, in support of Black History Month and organizations on the frontline of Bail Reform and ending Food Apartheid, we wanted to share with you an interview we did with the team at Nashville Community Bail Fund (one of the first organizations we supported this month). WLF Board Member Greg Knight led the interview.

Although we had been studying the issues, it wasn’t until we sat down with Rahim, Jessica, and Jameel, that we we started to understand, not only how important the work being done on a local level is, but how interconnected the issues are and the depths systemic racism goes. NCBF is doing some amazing things to not just help those impacted by unfair bail practices but to engage with the Nashville community to unite people of all backgrounds around the cause. We invite you to watch and see how. We are grateful to NCBF for helping us learn.

Thank you all for your support. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Love Relentlessly