2020 Thank You

There is a lot we can say about 2020 but we are going to start and stop with THANK YOU. The support we received from Twiddle and all of you has set much in motion for 2021, which we are excited to share with you. We are grateful for everything you have done to help us learn, grow, and help others. While 2020 can best be summed up as being reactive, 2021 will be, dare we say it, proactive.

Thank you for supporting White Light Wednesdays and helping us provide much needed aid for both artists and those facing hunger.

Thank you for teaching us and sharing your experiences and ideas so we can give more effectively and purposefully, especially when it comes to systemic racism (much more on this after the New Year).

Thank you for donations, your birthday fundraisers, and for keeping us top of mind and in your hearts.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, we cannot wait to be able to spread our light in person again.

Thank you to our Board of Directors for your tireless contributions and support. Welcome to the Board, Greg Knight, your impact has been immediate and awesome. We are thrilled and lucky to have you.

Thank you Mihali, Zdenek, Ryan and Brook, for your music, inspiration, energy, and support.

We LOVE you all RELENTLESSLY and wish you a safe and happy New Year.