Press Release: Twiddle Pays It Forward


To celebrate the recent release of PLUMP Chapters 1 & 2, Twiddle will pay it forward by supporting the following four charities; Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, Rad Girls Rescue, Steps to End Domestic Violence, as well as the Northwoods Stewardship Center. A more detailed description of each charity can be found at Twiddle will be donating a total of $2,500 ($625 to each charity). Twiddle’s nonprofit partner, White Light Foundation (WLF), will match the donations for a total of $5,000, or $1,250 to each charity. Twiddle and the White Light Foundation will also be supporting these four charities at two separate Vermont music festivals this summer. The Frendly Gathering, June 30 to July 2, is now in its 7th year, and moving to Sugarbush in Waitsfield. Then there is Tumble Down; the band’s 2-day festival in its second year, taking place July 28-29 at Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT.

“Twiddle and the WLF hope to more than double the amount of this donation later this summer at Tumble Down. The custom guitar being donated by Dan Neafsey of DGN Guitars, in addition to many other exciting prizes, will make for an amazing raffle event, ” says Kevin Rondeau, Twiddle’s manager and WLF’s Chairman of the Board.

White Light Foundation is a volunteer organization, established by the band and its fans two years ago. Through their partnership with Twiddle, WLF has raised almost $40,000 for local organizations supported by the band since its inception.

“This year we supported close to 50 charities important to the band and the community that supports them. We are very excited to support such a diverse group organizations, personally selected by the members of the band, Mihali Savoulidis, Zdenek Gubb, Ryan Dempsey and Brook Jordan,” explains Steve Perlah, CEO, White Light Foundation.

“Our fans inspire us as much we as we do them, many of them volunteer at organizations WLF has supported and we are so grateful that their support of us results in giving back so much,” adds Brook Jordan, Twiddle’s percussionist and vocalist.

For more information about the WLF or the Tumble Down 2017 charity event: Steve Perlah – White Light Foundation,

—————– Zdenek Steps to End Domestic Violence Our mission is to assist in the transition to a safe, independent life for all those who have been affected physically, sexually, emotionally, or economically by domestic abuse and to promote a culture that fosters justice, equity and safety.

—————— Mihali Rad Girls Rescue We are a rescue-based initiative founded and operated out of Burlington Vermont. We dedicate our free time giving second chances to rescue dogs across New England and encouraging people across the country to carry out our RAD mission

————— Brook Northwoods Stewardship Center The NorthWoods Stewardship Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational, research and conservation service organization serving the communities of northern Vermont and New Hampshire since 1989. Our Education, Conservation Corps, and Forest Stewardship Initiative programs interconnect to provide the knowledge and skills needed to understand the northern landscape, make use of its resources wisely, and help sustain vibrant communities and a healthier natural environment.

——————- Ryan Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports
About Us
Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is a nationally recognized organization that empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming regardless of ability to pay. In addition to sports, year-round programming options integrate environmental, holistic wellness, and competitive training philosophies for people of all ages with cognitive, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities