Black History Month of Giving Week 4

We are excited to announce the final recipients for the Month of Giving in support of Black History Month. While February has come to an end, our giving and learning has not… we have a few additional things coming up and we very excited about them (more to come).

We are returning to last summer. First Twiddle was scheduled to support Vampire Weekend in Bend, OR, Boise, ID, and Missoula, MT among other locations so we decided to start our giving there. We are thrilled to support The Montana Racial Equity Project, Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly and Treasure Valley_NAACP. There amazing organizations on the frontline of ending systemic racism in their communities.

When the tour was cancelled, the band pivoted and drive-ins were scheduled. One event was with the team at Adirondack Independence Music Festival and unfortunately due to gathering restrictions that was cancelled as well. We are thrilled to support Soul Fire Farm who is committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system.

Each of these organizations have received $1,000 grants thanks to your support and generosity and we encourage you to visit their pages and learn more about the incredible work they are doing.

Love Relentlessly