Love Like Lon

As many of you know, the Twiddle and White Light community lost a dear Frend last November. As illustrated by the prevalence of Facebook photos, Lon Conscious (Lon Gellman) was the personification of Love Relentlessly. But, Lon’s love was felt well beyond the confines of #TwiddleNation. From the Grateful Dead to Phish to Twiddle to Eggy to Baked Shrimp, Lon’s life was a guide to the best live music to LeanLikeLon to. And then there was the The Garden community … the Rangers, the Knicks.

For us, Lon defined NYC. He loved everything about the city, to talk to him was to understand what the boroughs are all about, and of course, he didn’t drive (why would he?)

When Eddie Shechtman and Marla Gellman Kallin asked that donations in honor of Lon be made to WLF, we knew they would make an impact. But, like Lon himself, we had no idea how far and wide it would LEAN. But lean it did … Pin Farmer Productions at Daydream Farm created a pin to honor Eddie and Lon’s 30 year Frendship, Eddie, Matt Lebetkin, Christopher Prinos and the team at Concepts In Promotions created LoveLikeLon shirts and so on, Dr. Remidi’s Necessities LLC created shirts and stickers, Baked Shrimp held a virtual tribute concert (and announced the LonCon music festival with Mihali and Aqueous scheduled to perform to keep Lon always on the rail) … and that does not mention all of you who donated, posted, shared, watched, and leaned …

We are fortunate to have known and loved Lon. We are grateful that 30 years ago at Queens College Lon and Eddie met. And, 30 years later, we are honored to announce the Lon Conscious Memorial Scholarship to support continuing students in financial need in the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. Between the donations to date and a contribution from the WLF general fund, we are thrilled to start the scholarship off with $12,000. This will fund $1,000 annual scholarships for students beginning in the fall of 2021, will provide funding for 5 years and assure the awarded student will receive the scholarship for 3 consecutive years.

Additionally, we will continue to support the scholarship with contributions with donations through the link on this post, #twiddlenation, the Love Like Lon apparel, and whatever incredibly generous ways you all come up with to honor Lon.

Love (Like Lon) Relentlessly